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My work is in constant transformation. Each work that emerges is the result of my desire to explore and be in contact with the materials, letting myself be carried away by curiosity rather than by the search for a final result. I start with stains on the canvas, using paints of different viscosities and applying them with various tools to cover the surface.

Then, as the process progresses, I incorporate strokes and texts, and the work develops in the search for forms, contrasts and similarities. In this series of paintings, imperfection and spontaneity are fundamental to finding beauty.

Each stroke on the canvas is an act of total immersion, an intimate dialogue with the work. I explore the interaction between colors, shapes and brushstrokes, allowing my creativity to flow freely in search of my own language.

Florencia Castaldo, an Argentine visual artist, began her training at the Figueroa Alcorta Academy of Fine Arts in Córdoba, Argentina. She subsequently continued her artistic development in various drawing, painting, and jewelry-making workshops across Argentina, Bolivia, and the United States. Her abstract works in acrylic and oil are characterized by their reminiscences of landscapes, cityscapes, and images born from her imagination. Since mid-2022, she has been residing and working in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.


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Feria Mirá - 9 al 26 de Mayo 


Rain Forest
Acrílico y crayón sobre tela

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