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Diaries of the subconscious


I have always felt a deep interest in dreams and the images that arise from them. I clearly remember specific dreams from my childhood that still intrigue me, as I still can't attribute a clear meaning to them. In my dreams, I often relive everyday experiences and happy moments from my childhood. I also experience recurring dreams, where new elements are added with each repetition, which leads me to question the border between reality and imagination. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between both worlds. Considering the possibility that other people share similar experiences, I decided to represent some of my dreams visually, thus creating a kind of “diary”. Each of these works contains a story in itself; like dreams, they are random and enigmatic. Each brushstroke and detail is like a fragment of a dream, capturing ephemeral moments and symbolism that defy logic. By exploring these images, I invite the viewer to immerse themselves in their own dream world and discover the hidden stories that resonate within them. subconscious and wonder if there is a similarity in our dreams on a collective level.

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